Saturday, December 30, 2006

Eaton Canyon at Dusk...28"x 47-1/4"...oil on canvas 2006

This canyon in near Altadena & Pasadena area. Again, this canyon is a another beautiful place to hike to.

Ethan's Peak...36"x 54"...oil on linen 2004

My friend commission me to paint a tropical theme landscape. Basically I have to invent this painting. Title of the painting is after his son's name.

Monrovia Canyon... 36"x 54"...oil on linen 2003

Beautiful Canyon in my home town.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Michelle...40"x 30"...graphite on paper 1994

One of earlier drawing. It was much tighter back then. I was into a lot of airbrushing.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Honeymoon... 60"x 48"... oil on canvas 1994

Portrait of my sister when she got married and she is wearing traditional Korean custom and color of the bride which is magenta and lime green.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Maj. Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson ...10"x 8" ...oil on board 2006

Read a book by Frank E. Vandiver called Mighty Stonewall. I've painted this portrait of him from the picture that was taken two weeks before his death. One of the legendary general of confederate army that Lee couldn't do without until his death in May of 1863. Shot by his own man during reconaissance stroll with his staff in the cover of darkness at Chancellorsville he was mortally wounded and died 8 days later. It was very intrigue and fasinating read. I will be painting more of American Civil War images. What a amazing time that was.

Monrovia Creek Cyn. ....60" x 40" ....oil on linen 2005

This place is a magical place that I hike to a lot. It's about 5 minute drive from my home and feels like you are out nowhere. Very intimate place and at the end of the hike you get treated with 40ft. waterfall.

Malibu Creek Cyn. I ....50"x 50".... oil on linen 2004

Same subject as Malibu Cyn. II paiting but looking directly at it. Again I was experimenting with very soft palette. Behind this viewing direction there is about 40 to 50ft. cliff where people practice rock climbing.

Malibu Creek Cyn. II ....46 1/2" x 34" ....oil on linen 2000

Another side of Malibu Cyn. I was trying to achieve soft quality of the Cyn.

Malibu Creek Canyon ....70"x 44" ....oil on linen 2002

One of my favorite place to go and paint. In a good day it is so beautiful to paint there. I made a little sketch there and did this studio finished painting.

Hapy ....10"x 8" ....oil on board 2003

My beloved dog Hapy. Who died prematurely at the age of seven by peritonitis disease. It is a rare disease for dogs to have them. He was a great Samoyed.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Hiker ....20" x 16" ....oil on canvas 2004

I guess every artist in some point or another have to paint a self-portrait and this was my first one. And it was somehow a kind of revealing experience for me. Although I'm Korean, I looks very much like a native american here. Maybe I had some spiritual connection while painting it.