Friday, February 16, 2007

Larry Garland....... 20"X 16" .......... oil on canvas 2006
Portrait of my friend Scott's dad. We were up at his ranch in Lonepine and he set for me while having his cocktail.
I did a two hours study first and did this finished one from photo and sketch.


ron said...

Okay, Kee, this is how this works-first I butter you up and then you come and see my stuff and even if you think its crap you say something nice.
Thanks for your co-operation,

Your new fan,

Here we go..Kee, your work is wonderful, truly a pleasure to look at.

(In case there is some doubt- this is supposed to be funny.)

kee said...

Thank you Ron.
I did put up your blog link to mine.

W. K. Moore said...

Yeah... the ground rules... the amber warmth... the grace you gave this gentleman through careful rendering. I'm not as kind as you. Check out tonight's post. By the way I've been adding these comments time--

kee said...

I guess we all have to time-travel sometimes. Larry is very interesting man. Oh boy, does he have a stories to tell. He was Master sargent during the WWII and he had some incredible stories.

Michele Beaulieu said...

Kee you have a fantastic gift. Very, very few artists can do what you do. Your portraiture is your signature. You are a rare duck! Come by my blog on occasion and give me the time of day, I'll be very grateful. Remember me when you hit the big time. whew!

kee said...

Michele, I thank you so much for your generous comliment.
When I hit big time(whenever that might be?) I will remember you and everybody.

kay Crain said...

OMG! I'm finding so many good artists by following links from other people's blogs.
However, few are as awesome as you, Kee.
You have amazing talent for portraiture! I'm in awe!
Kay Crain

kee said...

Thank you for your generous comment.