Monday, February 19, 2007

Self Portrait........20"x 16".........oil on canvas...2005

I painted this portrait at the same time I painted the other one called "Hiker"
I have refine this one more than the "Hiker".
I decided use photo instead of using mirror. The mirror will flip the image
and not see as other person will see me.


ron said...

When you painted this brilliant portrait in 2005, our hair was the same length and colour. Mine tending a little to grey. I chopped mine all off. It had been too long for too long and was (is) starting to fall out. Now this is important art talk.

Michele Beaulieu said...

Oh my gosh, that was you and I thought you were looking native American. I don't know how you can paint this way, to me, it's a miracle like light and electricity. Why don't you join us on DP? Where are you selling your work? You will be very famous, there is no question about it.

kee said...

Recently I thought about my hair scenario. If and when it starts to fall out and get thin I will shave my hair off too.
I will probably get a buzz cut.
I used to have shaved hair for seven years.

kee said...

Thank you and thank you Michele!!!

I show my work at Segil Fine Art in Monrovia and solo show is coming up in July.

W. K. Moore said...

Keewon - mastery! Your work sets the bar high for the rest... and that is a good thing. That we should all try to push our limits and move forward... and sometimes stumble... This portrait really shows your amiable self.. the one that I know.

kee said...

Bill, Thank you so much for that gracious compliment and you are right about that we must strive ourselves to be better and improve upon every aspect of painting and I might add "Life".

It's good to know that I'm not sending out some crazy energy! :-S